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Your YouTube videos/videos hold numerous opportunities for search engine optimization. A video clip uploaded on YouTube or the like is a stand-alone object, not necessarily associated with a particular website, company or individual. On YouTube, your videos will have the advantage of being indexed immediately and showing up in search results with almost no delay.
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Face it; people don't always take the time to go to YouTube to search for videos, right? Also, when they do go to YouTube to find your video, it adds an extra step for the user to eventually end up at your site. For example, if someone searches for a video on How to Update Fans on Facebook and they go to YouTube and watch our video, we need to hope that they click the link to visit our site after. Now on the other hand, if I embed this video on my site and optimized the page for How to Update Fans on Facebook, I have just created a new page on my site that the visitor can reach directly without having to stop by YouTube.

Both large and small businesses benefit from a successful YouTube marketing campaign. This is because sharing a video on YouTube has many advantages over other, more old school marketing techniques.

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